Clinical Affiliations

Clinical AffiliationsTruman Medical Center is proud to offer a variety of allied health clinical practicum opportunities for qualified students of educational institutions that currently have a signed clinical education agreement in place with Truman. We offer clinical practicum opportunities in the following areas:

• Radiology
• Laboratory
• Phlebotomy
• Medical Assisting
• Respiratory Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Dental Hygiene
• Dietetics / Nutrition
• HIM, Medical Records
• Music / Recreational Therapy
• Neurodiagnostics
• Occupational Therapy Assisting
• Physical Therapy Assisting
• Psychology
• Social Work
• Speech and Language Pathology


If you have been directed to our page by the clinical coordinator at your educational institution to access the onboarding forms for your next clinical rotation, these forms can be found below.

Allied Health Students Onboarding Paperwork (PDF)

Repeat Allied Health Students Onboarding Paperwork (PDF)

Student ID Process (PDF)

Students Badge Process (PDF)

TB Test Symptom Review (PDF)

TMC Employee Allied Health Students Onboarding Paperwork (PDF)

Example of Completed Paperwork (PDF)



  1. The school/student reaches out to a TMC clinical instructor seeking a rotation.

  2. The TMC clinical instructor agrees to take the student and introduces via email the school coordinator to TMC’s Clinical Affiliation and Compliance Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  3. They verify a clinical affiliation agreement is in place with the school. If there is not an agreement, the Clinical Affiliation and Compliance Specialist initiates the process with the approval of leadership.   **Please note the agreement process takes time to pass through both legal departments. This cannot be performed for a student seeking quick placement.

  4. Once the agreement is in place, the Clinical Affiliation and Compliance Specialist emails the onboarding paperwork and instructions to the school coordinator. **Please note the paperwork must be turned in 30 days in advance.

  5. Once the Clinical Affiliation and Compliance Specialist receives and reviews the completed paperwork (usually within five business days); they email the school coordinator, the student, the TMC clinical instructor, and TMC security to notify them of any remaining items or of the student’s approval. The student may NOT begin at TMC until an email clearing the student has been sent.

  6. Each department determines if their students should have TMC badges and/or computer access. The individual departments are responsible for facilitating this. Attached are forms to help you collect the necessary information. The departments should also reach out to the students with any additional information, like parking, dress code, etc.

  7. If the student is to have a TMC badge, please escort them to the badging office on the first day of the rotation.


If you have questions throughout the process, please emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  







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